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"If you have ever wondered how to take care of a Ficus indoors, then this ebook is for you. Gary teaches how to understand what your Ficus is trying to tell you, and how to keep it happy for years. The ebook presents more information on Ficus and Ficus care than I have ever seen in one place, and presents it in an easy non-textbook style approach." 

Robert Bernecker
Berneckers Nursery 
Homestead, Florida 

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Learn "How To" buy houseplants… You'll find pages and pages of good solid plant care advice way beyond what you can find on a plant tag. Read anytime a little review is needed to get your plant care back on track. 

You'll get our one-of-a-kind "Ficus Care Guide". Complete with pictures and detailed care information. All this information is completely downloadable to your computer so you can begin learning Ficus care in moments... entirely at zero risk. 

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Gary Antosh,
Professional Nurseryman 

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Pat in Dallas

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